Drop-in rather than pop-up but lots of interest


Our Pop-Up Picnic last weekend was more of a ‘drop-in’ than a ‘pop-up’. The weather wasn’t very inviting, but at least it didn’t rain. People dropped by throughout the afternoon, and stayed to chat. Neighbours met neighbours, people from the New England Quarter came forward to get involved and with the Deputy Mayor, QED-Brighton_Greenway-Ghost-Train_SimonCallaghanPhotography_101Councillor Pete West, we ‘inaugurated’ the plaque explaining the background to the ‘Ghost Train’ (Jenny Lind) sculpture on the bridge.

Simon Bannister from BHCC provided a tent for us – it was chilly – and came to put it up with his son. Stalwarts Natasha and her crew from local Bird Studios performed QED-Brighton_Greenway-Ghost-Train_SimonCallaghanPhotography_137their locomotive dance and demonstrated that Brighton Greenway could make a really interesting performance space.

And twenty-eight people turned up on the guided walk from Brighton Station to London Road Station along the Greenway, with real interest in how the old Locomotive Works has given way to the New England QED-Brighton_Greenway-Ghost-Train_SimonCallaghanPhotography_117Quarter, and how the extraordinary Victorian railway engineers conquered the challenges of Brighton’s chalky hills.

Thank-you to everyone who came along and to everyone who helped publicise the event. Our next event will be our Action Day on Sunday 4th October 12-3 – to prepare for wildflower planting and bulb sowing. All welcome – we look forward to seeing you.

All photos copyright Simon Callaghan Photography.

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