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The Aldi trolley-barrow lends a hand

Part of our work day today was clearing the dead plants from the flower strip on the left of Brighton Greenway heading up to Stroudley Road: a lot to clear by hand and to transport back to the ‘heap’ by the … Continue reading

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Graffiti on the Greenway

Though some of us sympathise with the sentiment behind ‘Utopia Now’, there’s no denying that the tagging up on Brighton Greenway is just plain sad and ugly when it undermines public art and ignores commemoration of the site’s industrial heritage. These brick … Continue reading


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Not the Highline but the Coal Line?

Brighton Greenway – could it be Brighton’s Highline? At first, I thought New York’s superb mile-long walkway-in-the-air was a good model for Brighton Greenway. All we need is a world-class landscape designer (Piet Oudolf, the pioneer of prairie-style perennial gardening, designed the … Continue reading

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