The Aldi trolley-barrow lends a hand

IMG_4439 IMG_4440

Part of our work day today was clearing the dead plants from the flower strip on the left of Brighton Greenway heading up to Stroudley Road: a lot to clear by hand and to transport back to the ‘heap’ by the Boston Street entrance ready to be removed. Hiding discretely behind the pillar by the heap, we saw a supermarket trolley  …

It transpires that one of our number had wheeled it carefully up there a day or so earlier, after it had mysteriously appeared on the pathway. Arriving to do his good turn of the day by returning the trolley to Aldi, he found it had been pressed into service as a wheelbarrow. It worked perfectly, trundling dead stalks down to the heap and accompanied us throughout the afternoon.

Thanks, Marek, for staying around and clearing plant stalks instead. I can confirm that the trolley was returned to its more mundane existence at Aldi on the London Road, welcomed back by a friendly security person. I feel it should have been given some kind of special commendation – a medal, a rosette or at least a ‘I did service on the Greenway’ sticker.

IMG_4443I think we probably all deserved stickers today. It was cold, but in three hours, we also managed to clear the rank leaves from the embankment steps and to pick up litter blown in by recent high winds as well as just dumped by people. (Intriguing … why would there be a pizza box, drink cans and ‘parking enforcement’ paperwork all stuffed down the side of one of the fossil benches: hungry, thirsty, anti-social traffic wardens???).

The vegetation was cut down around the benches and the edges made tidy. Sadly, we weren’t able to make much of an impact on cleaning off the tagging on the benches themselves, but we’ll see … With help from our friends, the tools, the ghost-train and the lamp-posts have now been partly cleaned up, so we haven’t given up hope yet. A big thank-you to everyone who turned up. Our next workday will be Sunday 10th January.

The cleared strip

The cleared strip


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