Beer-can hockey or a wet afternoon on Brighton Greenway

We tweeted about defying the weather in waterproofs and wellies today, our first work session of 2016 on Brighton Greenway, but a heavy downpour just before midday did for me. Nevertheless, four impressive stalwarts braved the unremittingly tiresome weather to clear up litter  this afternoon.

It was waterlogged on Brighton Greenway on Friday, and we’ve since had numerous heavy downpours, so really not great conditions for being outside. Yet seven sacks of rubbish were cleared and the area looks more tended. What’s more, a new game was invented.

Beer-can hockey apparently involves hooking the end of a rake into the opening of an empty beer can and levering the can niftily out from under an inaccessible bush. It’s probably better to call it beer-can lacrosse, given the beguiling ‘flying through the air’ aspect of the move, but whatever its most appropriate name, it was enough to keep those four brave participants going despite the rain.

imageOur next Action Day will be Sunday 21st February midday to 3pm and we hope to be starting work on preparing part of the site for wildflower planting. We should also have our special litter-picker tools available, unless of course the excitement of beer-can hockey proves to be a draw!

with thanks to Jess, Grant, Philippa and Jim


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