Setting up photo exhibition


img_3297 img_3448 img_3471Brighton Greenway’s first ever outdoor exhibition is up and running. As part of Brighton Photo Fringe, seven photographers who use analogue film rather than digital have their work displayed in the seven alcoves at the end of the Greenway by the New England Road bridge.

This has been a collaboration with Lucy Round of Colourstream, who first approached us in August. She’s kept faith with us, and we’ve kept faith with her … It has been a matter of faith. Brighton Greenway is an unusual site for an exhibition, but we’ve always felt the long winding path, the historically interesting walls and the fences lent themselves to outdoor display. It wasn’t easy … but people came together to help.

How it began

How it began

Painting with Jess, the recycling dog

Painting with Jess, the recycling dog

Repainting ...

Repainting …

The photographers are:

Edurne Iriondo –

Liz Johnson Artur –

Nima Elm –

Steve Glashier –

Toby Mason –

Tony Wainwright –


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