Autumn clear up

imageA beautiful autumn day today for the dozen or so of us working up on Brighton Greenway. The Greenway’s colours come into their own as the Crimson Glory vine (turns to yellow and rust tiger stripes (not quite the Crimson of its name, at least yet), and the birches go butter yellow.

There was a lot of litter to clear, but that done, we started on cutting back the buddleia, particularly where the path narrows along the west side.

That buddleia was never meant to be there and has probably not be pruned for years. We’ve cut out many branches and cut some plants back to the base. They look a bit unsightly for the moment, but they are likely to grow back in a more controllable form in the spring. In the meantime, the extra light and space should allow the lovely red stemmed dogwood  (cotinus) and a hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) to thrive. We’re also planting daffodil bulbs in that area to make it more inviting in the spring. And there’s potential there for planting something else, more colourful maybe, that suits the shady site. Do let us know any ideas …

Buddleja is a hefty shrub and yet again, we spent a lot of time cutting up the pruned wood and dragging it to the Boston Rd entrance. This is where we have to rely on Brighton and Hove Council. As volunteers, we can do a lot but we simply don’t have vans to collect the large amount of green waste looking after Brighton Greenway sometimes generates.

imageDespite another buddleia mountain, we left the Greenway looking clearer and less overgrown. Jess tidied up our lavender and rosemary beds, which are looking happy now we’ve had a spell of rain.

Apart from clearing buddleia, the other main task was dismantling the wonderful Brighton Photo Fringe Exhibition and painting out random tagging. Many people have suggested the exhibition should stay, but our agreement was for a month, so it had to come down. Colourstream staff were working very hard to remove the photo boards this afternoon and we painted out any surface scars on the wall. It’s been a real success in showing what can be done in an unusual space, and we’d love to mount another exhibition there soon if we can. Again, ideas? Let us know.





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