First 2017 workday – 8th Jan

Happy New Year! 2017 has started with generally dry, crisp weather and thankfully Brighton Greenway is not too soggy. There’s been some additional graffiti, there’s always rubbish and our buddleja pile hasn’t yet been cleared. We hope Cityparks will be able to do this soon.

So our first workday of 2017 is imminent: Sunday 8th Jan midday to 3pm. It will probably be mainly litter-picking, clearing the slippery leaves on the New England embankment steps, painting out graffiti and doing some more cutting back of shrubs. We may need to have a look at the ‘strip’ above Isetta square to see if we can reduce the nettles and thistles, coming up as seedlings at the moment.

We’ve put in an application to The Woodland Trust for 30 small native trees/shrubs: 6 of each of hawthorne, holly, hazel, dog rose and dogwood. If our application is accepted, we plan to plant four small block ‘hedges’ along the Isetta strip, and then in between, we can sow wild flowers or plant some perennials. The idea is to divide up the space to make it a little easier to plan and manage. We’ll find out at the end of January whether our application has been successful. If so, we’ll be busy planting the young trees in March.



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