Clearing the view

At our workday yesterday, we focused on the area opposite the central seating area. The low fence opposite is decorated with Jon Mills’ shovels and forks, commemorating the railway workers who worked on the steam trains that ran along the Greenway when it was a railway line, but brambles and buddleja had obscured them and the view down to London Road.

Two of us spent three hours hacking back the overgrowth. We’ll finish off clearing this small border area at our next session and then plant probably sow it with our wildflower seed from Grow Wild.

Meanwhile, others were pruning the cotinus further up the path to remove dead stems – this should strengthen the lovely red winter stems  – and clearing leaves from the New England Rd embankment steps. We also re-painted the small alcoves and cleared a fair amount of litter. Still lots more buddleja to get under control but the Greenway looked good in the late afternoon winter sunlight.

At our meeting last week and in conversations yesterday, we’ve identified some key areas for our work this year:

  • New England Rd embankment steps
  • The strip above Isetta square
  • An outdoor ‘lounge’ on the small area on the west side just after the bridge


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