Spring on its way

Spring is on its way on Brighton Greenway. We had a quiet work day last Sunday 19 February: just four of us. We managed to clear quite a bit of litter and hack back some more buddleia. It looks unsightly now but should spring back to life in a more controllable way – we hope.

While we were sawing and litter-picking, people stopped to chat, which is one of the joys of working up on the Greenway. And there were several acts of kindness from unexpected quarters: one person stopped spontaneously to offer help as we struggled to cut up large buddleja branches, while another carried my heavy trolley of tools down the New England steps for me.

We’ve still got some more pruning to try to keep some of the shrubs on the west side in order. The dogwood (Cornus alba siberica) is leggy and damaged, and needs cutting back in order to ensure its bright red stems in the future. There’s also the Rubus cockburnianus which is a tangled mess of thorny stems. They can be beautiful.

img_7185Things are not looking too bad, despite a resurgence in graffiti, and it’s great to see flowers re-appearing: little snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) popping up along the east side, the wild daffodils we planted in autumn 2015 coming back on the bank below Stroudley Rd, and the pink Coltsfoot-like flowers of the ubiquitous winter heliotrope (Petasites fragrans) showing through. Heartening too, to see that the irises we planted by the seating at the Stroudley Rd end have survived being trampled on and are coming back with new growth.



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