Next workday – SUNDAY 19 March

It’s almost spring … depends whether you count the change of season from the beginning of March or 21st March but the weather is warmer, buds are coming through, daffodils and other bulbs are in bloom and it’s definitely time to get planning and working on new planting.

We have been successful in getting 30 small tree/shrubs from The Woodland Trust. There are 6 each of hawthorne, hazel, holly, dog rose and dogwood. Our plan is to plant four groups of 6 plants to divide up the long strip above Isetta Square. The shrubs will form small blocks or hedges. This should then allow us to think more easily about planting the different sections.

We’ve also got more wildflower seeds from Grow Wild. We’re looking forward to planting these at various sites along the Greenway, in particular along the strip above Isetta Square and in a small bed opposite the main seating area which we cleared with volunteers from Network Rail.

If you can come along on Sunday 19th March midday-3, that would be great! There’s quite a bit of work to do. As always, do wear gardening gloves and sturdy shoes.


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3 Responses to Next workday – SUNDAY 19 March

  1. Dr Geoffrey Mead says:

    The padlock on the train sculpture on the bridge is not functioning. I have seen several groups of youngsters on the bridge behind the train recently and have asked them to leave; some do, but yesterday a couple were very aggressive. I rang the police but of course no one to do anything. The gate needs securing. As there was a work party last week I had hoped someone would have fixed it.


    • thanks Geoff – yes I picked this up from various sources and have been emailing our contacts in Network Rail who are responsible for the bridge since March.


      • Dr Geoffrey Mead says:

        …and I have e-mailed Network Rail and even spoken to a live human who has sent no reply…although said someone would be in touch…
        best wishes


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