Some late wildflowers

Cornflower (Centaurea cyanis)

Corn marigold (Gelbionis segetum) and Bristly oxtongue (Helminthotheca echioides)











The growing year has been a bit unpredictable this year. We had a very dry and warm spring, probably too dry for some of our wildflower seeds. Then we had a cool-ish, grey-ish, wet-ish late summer and an early autumn with leaves starting to turn, and then stopping …

At the beginning of October, I noticed some more wildflowers up on Brighton Greenway, perhaps having a second flowering or perhaps coming through once the big brutes – the thistles, the docks, the nettles – were dying back. It’s not been a great year for the range of wildflowers we saw last year …perhaps because of the dominance of the perennial ‘weeds’. We are trying to encourage the range of colourful wildflowers by scything back the ‘weeds’ and hoping that this gives a chance to the less ‘brutish’ wildflowers … but then thistles, nettles and dock are wildflowers too!

Red campion (Silene dioica)

Borage (Borago officinalis)









Sage (Salvia nemerosa)

Musk Mallow (Malva alcea)





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