Spring cleaning and planting

We had a good work session yesterday despite unpredictable April weather: lots of rubbish clearance and quite a bit of planting and renewing of our ‘ornamental beds’ around the central seating area. The lavenders, rosemaries and Verbena bonariensis which we thought would tolerate the fairly tough conditions have succumbed to the cold and wet of the winter.

We’ve been able to do some replanting, though. We inherited several trays of plants from the Council’s Stanmer Nurseries, which – very sadly – has closed. Among these were some beautiful cowslips (Primula vera) which we’ve planted underneath the birch trees at the Boston Street entrance to Brighton Greenway.

We also had other plants most of which we were unable to identify from their leaves. We think there was some wild marjarom (Origanum vulgare), some red campion (Silene dioica) and … well, we’ve planted everything in and around the central bench, so we’ll just have to wait for the summer to bring up the flowers and ease the identification task. Below are some of the plants: if you recognise them, let us know.






Meanwhile, we’ve (well, Jon, single-handedly) cleared the nettles, dock leaves and thistles from the small area opposite the central seating. I now have to get this covered with black sheeting to stop these hugely successful plants from taking over again. We want to try planting wildflower seedlings here in May. Back in March, I sowed some of our remaining seeds from GrowWild in trays. The seedlings are now ready for potting up – something of mammoth task for delicate fingers – and growing on ready for planting (and identification?) at our next session on May 6th. You can find our proposed dates for work days this year on our Work Day page.

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