Summertime 2018

It’s been an extraordinarily hot summer in Brighton with temperatures in June and July soaring to the high 20s and even over 30C. As I came down the New England Rd embankment steps today, a passer-by recognised the respite provided by the lush tree canopy. Several people were sitting out on the benches and Brighton Greenway felt … er … ‘green’ while in contrast, many of Brighton’s other ‘green’ spaces look brown and parched.

We’ve had our problems trying to keep delicate wildflower seedlings going in the heat. It’s not been the best year for a sustained display of flowers, but look carefully and there is a wide range of flowers and now, seed-heads to observe. The Crimson Glory Vine climbing up the walls is a lush green and the hawthorns and buddleia are doing well. I also noticed that our Woodland Trust plantings from March 2017 are holding their own, despite the drought.

Back in early July, a bio-survey of invertebrates was undertaken on Brighton Greenway. There really is a lot of insect and bird life happening up there; little that is particularly rare, perhaps, but Brighton Greenway is serving to sustain ‘common’ wildlife which is becoming increasingly ‘uncommon’ in urban areas. Take a look (under our Wildlife pages) if only to marvel at the Latin names of all the ‘bugs’ that were spotted and delight in the fact that nine different types of butterfly were observed, including a beautiful ‘Peacock’ butterfly.

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