The edible planters experiment

Back in June, we worked with residents from Stroudley Road to set up a couple of experimental planters for growing edible crops on Brighton Greenway. We used wooden boxes and pallets kindly donated by The Wood Store.

Residents purchased compost and we planted up the planters with a range of bought and sown edible seedlings from cavalo nero to courgettes and sweet corn.

The planters have worked well, thanks to dedicated watering and feeding with tomato feed. It’s been dry for much of the summer so this really has been a commitment. But now there have been good crops and the planters look good.

We’ve talked about experimenting with further planters on this west side space to allow other residents and members of Friends of Brighton Greenway to grow edibles.

Edible growing was among ideas originally mooted for Brighton Greenway. However, given that it is a post-industrial site, planting directly in the soil is not feasible. But the raised planters have been a success – easy to construct and maintain, even if watering is the major challenge. Below photos of them bountiful at the end of July looking!

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