Brighton and Hove Green Spaces Forum

It is so useful to share problems and solutions, and just get together with others doing similar things. Two of us from Friends of Brighton Greenway went along to one of Brighton & Hove Green Spaces Forum’s regular networking meetings last week. It was heartening to hear about all kinds of different initiatives across the town where local people are getting together to look after parks, set up community gardens, organise tree planting and oversee composting. We exchanged ideas and commiserated over the inevitable challenges and set-backs. We heard about the work of the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership and the importance of trees in urban areas. The Forum has a wealth of information on its site about gardening/greening groups in the city – and of particular interest were the slides from Prof. Dave Goulson’s recent talk on Gardening to Save the Planet. It’s what we’re trying to do up on Brighton Greenway – in a very, very small way. But our recent audits show a good diversity of wildflowers and insects in an urban area – every little helps, and you can help too: see details of our next workdays. Come and join us on Brighton Greenway!


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