‘Pigeon poo’ bridge

It’s so sad that New England Bridge, which was built in 1839-40 in the style of a triumphal arch to celebrate the arrival of the railway, is now known to locals as ‘Pigeon Poo bridge’. But thanks to initiative by Prestonville Community Association, Brighton & Hove City Council and Network Rail have recognised just how unpleasant New England Bridge has become, particularly for pedestrians. And moves are afoot to try to improve the area, starting with a mural on the bridge wall, which has become very badly tagged in the last year or so.

This area, just before the entrance to Brighton Greenway up the embankment, is probably one of the most disagreeable places in Brighton for pedestrians: the pavements are covered in pigeon droppings, damp drips down the brick walls of the bridge, it’s dark and dank and notoriously polluted as traffic slows and idles at the traffic lights. Years ago, Friends of Brighton Greenway tried to get Network Rail to do something about the pigeons nesting on the bridge, but we were told this would require huge investment and was not a priority.

Thankfully, Prestonville Community Association took up the cudgels again last year and succeeded, with the help of our MP, in getting Network Rail to fit new netting. Cityclean also say they are jet-cleaning weekly.

To deter tagging, a mural is proposed for the bridge wall. There’ll be more discussion on this at our forthcoming AGM on 3rd November 2pm (see ‘Our meetings’), led by Katy Beinart from School of Architecture, University of Brighton. Come along with your ideas!

We also suggested developing ‘green’ walls up the side of the bridge, again to deter tagging, and wondered how the area underneath the bridge and the small borders either side of the turning to the Old Shoreham Rd could be made more attractive. They were planted with trees and shrubs at one point, but these have now become badly overgrown.

Hopefully, working with other community groups, with Network Rail and the Council, we can drum up some energy to improve this area.

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