Storms Chiara, Dennis … Jorge and we’re only just in March

We will be going ahead with our work session this morning SUNDAY 1st MARCH 12.30-2.30: there will be the usual litter picking, cutting back, clearing as necessary and helping move one of the edible growing raised beds from the more sensitive easterly area.

If you join us, please do equip yourselves to deal with unpredictable weather, and as usual, gardening gloves and solid footwear. We are likely to finish early, given potentially cold, windy and wet conditions, though at the moment, it’s bright and clear.

The weather this last autumn and winter has been particularly tiresome. Storm Jorge is now passing over the UK, after storms Chiara (and Dennis?) put paid to our last workday. The weather has been particularly unpredictable with some bright blue skies and late winter sunshine (yey!) but very high winds, sudden rain and hail showers and some very cold temperatures (boo!).

How did we get to J within two months? Winds and rain have been battering the south coast since the beginning of the year (contrast that with last February when temperatures soared to over 20C!) but at least we’ve not suffered the terrible floods that have besieged other areas of the UK.

Who knows what the spring will bring? We’ve ‘suffered’ over the last few years from relatively dry springs and summers – not great for getting seeds growing in our chalky soil. In places I’ve noticed that the soil texture actually looks better now than in previous years because of the rain, but on Brighton Greenway, there’s also been water-logging of the path which we tried to deal with at our January session. We shall see … I don’t think there’s ever been a ‘predictable’ growing season.

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