Getting going again …

This is how Brighton Greenway looked in November 2021 with abundant foliage and lovely Autumn colour. It’s still there; and Friends of Brighton Greenway is still here.

We were not able to meet much in the second part of 2021, though we did manage a few get-togethers in the early summer. Now in 2022, we trying to get going again … and we need all the volunteer energy out there to help look after this interesting space.

We need to keep this pedestrian pathway open and attractive for people – a place in the busy built-up city where people can walk without any traffic. It’s also the most urban of Brighton’s Local Wildlife Spaces. As we all become a little more aware about the importance of green spaces both for us and for supporting our local biodiversity, we need to get out there with renewed vigour.

We’re hoping to organise our first work day at the end of January but will post exact details here as soon as possible. If you’d like to get involved, do contact us on

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