Health & Safety

We aim for our workdays to be friendly, fun and informal, but working safely up on Brighton Greenway is paramount.

Do dress appropriately for the weather, and bear in mind that there are nettles and thistles up there. Sturdy closed shoes are important because you may be walking over uneven ground, and also to protect your feet.

Gardening or work gloves are required for most of the tasks we undertake on Brighton Greenway; to protect your hands from plants, scratches from twigs etc., and particularly if you’re picking up litter. We usually have some spare gloves available but do bring your own if you can. We also have litter-picking tools.

We generally just use straightforward gardening tools: secateurs, loppers and occasionally a pruning saw. Do bring your own small tools if you’re confident in using them. Sometimes particularly in the spring, we may be digging and planting, using forks, spades and small hand tools.

Do please take a look at the following …

For volunteer leaders and coordinators

BHCC Cityparks action-day-sheet