Our work days

We are getting started again with our workdays on Brighton Greenway. We plan to meet on the first Sunday of each month. Look forward to seeing you! If we have to cancel, an e-mail will be sent out. Get in touch on 07709 069486 if you want to check.

Our next work day is SUNDAY 4th December 2022 10am – 1pm

SUNDAY 13th November 2022 10am – 1pm

  • cleared leaf mould and mud off the New England steps
  • litter picking throughout
  • cut back buddleia and other shrubs, removed nettles and grass overgrowing the path
  • cleared dead plants from raised beds and spread mulch/woodchip in raised bed area

It’s been a bit hit-and-miss as we’ve tried to get going after lockdown but we’re getting there …

SUNDAY 30th January 2022 12.00- 3.00pm

  • litter picking throughout
  • area (west) by bridge cleared
  • overgrown salix purpurea by central benches cut back to improve sight line
  • cut back buddleja and rhus typhina by Boston St entrance

SUNDAY 1st March 2020 12.30 – 2.30pm

  • litter-picking throughout
  • cut back Rubus cockburnianus and other shrubs
  • moved raised bed from east to west side of path

SUNDAY 9th February 2020 – cancelled due to storm Chiara (or was it Dennis?)

  • SUNDAY 12th January 2020 12 – 3pm
  • a solid litter-pick, particularly on New England bridge
  • brush cutting of Isetta strip and wildflower areas on east side and clearing
  • cutting back of buddleja by central seating area
  • planting germinated seeds of yellow rattle (Rhinanthus minor)

SUNDAY 1st December 2019 12 – 3pm

  • a solid litter-pick and clearing leaves on NE steps.
  • pruned back branches of birch overhanging the pathway at Boston St entrance and elsewhere.
  • vegetation cut back by bridge.
  • fallen branches cut up and cleared
  • cleared vegetation overgrowing the path above Isetta Square (need to remember a hoe next time!)

SUNDAY 3rd November 2019 12 – 1.30pm

A brief work session before AGM: litter picking and clearing overgrowth 1) at the New England bridge and b) by the Boston St entrance. We cleared some of the dying vegetation in the raised beds and sowed some remaining GrowWild seeds in the patch denuded by scaffolding etc. just opposite Boston St entrance. We’ll see what happens!

Sunday September 1st 12-3pm

A solid work session cutting back the very thick nettles, thistles, dock etc. on the ‘strip’ above Isetta Square and bagging up. We managed to get most of it done, but top quarter near Stroudley Rd is still rather overgrown. We’ve called for Cityparks’ help in strimming and collecting green waste. And lots of litter-picking …

Sunday July 28th 12 – 2.30pm

We started cutting back nettles towards the front of the Isetta ‘strip’ but hard work with only shears and secateurs … Litter picking and checking on our wildflower audit.

Sunday June 30th 12 -3pm

Strange hot-cold-wet weather meant that we didn’t do a lot of active things on Brighton Greenway: usual litter-picking, tidying up plants and updating our wildflower audit. We didn’t cut back nettles, thistles and dock – waiting for next session to do this.

Sunday May 26th 12 – 3pm

Exciting session as we built two raised beds with Stroudley Rd residents and planted up one of them. And James completed a wildflower audit.

  • litter picking
  • setting up and planting raised beds with edible

Sunday April 28th 12 – 3pm

A good session with lots of litter-picking and clearing. We also did a rough audit of wild flowers – and a coal-tit was seen nesting above one of the nesting boxes: a first!

Sunday March 31st 12 – 2.30pm

A very, very cold wind curtailed our session, but we managed a good crop of litter.

Sunday January 13th 12 – 3pm

A fantastic turn-out for the new year = 15 volunteers turned up.

  • cleared the rest of the ‘Isetta’ strip
  • cleared the area opposite seating by ‘tools’ fence
  • litter-picked throughout
  • weeded the ornamental planting areas

Sunday November 4 12 – 3pm

  • cleared weeds from area opposite central seating and by Boston St
  • raked up cuttings and deposited in wildlife habitat area
  • litter-picking – throughout
  • removed graffiti from ‘tools’ sculptures on fence
  • cleared leaves etc from NE embankment steps

Sunday Oct 7th 2018 12-3pm

  • cleared weeds from Isetta strip – still some to go
  • litter picking – throughout, bridge, NE embankment
  • cut back/cleared weeds from seeded area by central seats

Saturday September 15th 10-1pm

  • cleared bindweed from whips – still going strong
  • litter picking, in particular on NE embankment
  • cleared overgrowth on NE embankment
  • cleared steps
  • planted more daffodil bulbs

Sunday 11 August 10.00-13.00

  • cleared weeds from Woodland Trust tree whips
  • litter picking
  • cleared nettles from central seating area
  • weeded and tidied ornamental planting

Sunday 15 July 12.00-15.00

  • litter picking
  • cut back overgrown shrubbery
  • cleared area by bridge
  • tidied ornamental planting areas
  • watered ornamental planting

Sunday 6 May 12.00-15.00

  • litter picking
  • planted wildflower seedlings in central ornamental areas
  • cut back overgrown shrubbery
  • watered newly planted areas

Sunday 15 April 12.00-15.00

  • litter picking
  • planted cowslips by birch tree (Boston St. entrance)
  • dug over and planted wildflower plants in ornamental beds
  • cleared weeds opposite central seating

Sunday 18 March 12.00-12.50

  • Very, very cold! Mainly litter clearance.

Sunday 14 January 12.00-14.00

  • litter picking
  • cutting back shrubbery
  • replanting (holly, hawthorne)

Sunday 3 December 12.00-15.00

  • litter picking
  • cutting back shrubbery, in particular cotinus and buddleja
  • clearing waste vegetation from strip and ornamental beds

Sunday 12 November 12.00-15.00

  • litter picking
  • cutting back overhanging shrubs/branches along N. pathway
  • cutting back nettles etc. and buddleja opposite middle seating
  • cutting back herbs and clearing leaves from ornamental area

Sunday 8 October 2017 12.00-15.00

  • litter picking
  • moving cut vegetation (from scything earlier in the week) to habitat pile

Saturday 9 September 2017 14.30-17.00

  • litter picking
  • clearing nettles etc. by bridge
  • weeding ornamental planting area
  • setting up the ‘habitat pile’ on bridge

Sunday 6 August 2017 12.00-15.00

  • litter picking
  • clearing weeds on the ‘strip’

Sunday 16 July 2017 12.00-15.00

  • litter picking
  • weeding in ornamental areas

Sunday 11 June 2017 12.00-15.00

  • litter picking
  • weeding and mulching ornamental beds
  • strimming and clearing grass

Sunday 21 May 2017 12.00-15.00

  • litter picking
  • weeding around the ornamental areas
  • watering

Sunday 23 April 2017 12.00-15.00

  • planting around central seating area
  • weeding
  • watering
  • litter picking
  • sow wildflower seed opposite seating area

Sunday 19 March 2017 12.00-15.00

  • litter-picking
  • planting trees from Woodland Trust
  • planting wildflower seedlings around seating area
  • planting primroses by NE bridge

Sunday 19 February 2017 12.00-15.00

  • litter-picking
  • painting out graffiti in alcoves
  • cutting back shrubs: cornus and buddleja

Sunday 8 January 2017 12.00 – 15.00

  • litter-picking
  • clearing leaves from New England embankment steps
  • pruning overgrown shrubs
  • painting out graffiti on low alcoves and pillars
  • digging out weeds on ‘strip’?
  • dealing with our green waste pile?

Sunday 13 November 2016 12.00 – 15.00

  • planted bulbs along pathway
  • cut back buddleja
  • cleared litter
  • painted out tags and made good west wall

Sunday 9 October 2016 12.00 – 15.00

  • hay-piles-10-16cut back – scythed – perennial wildflower meadow, and half the annual strip
  • cleared litter
  • cut back buddleja
  • weeded lavender bed and planted 3 x Lavendula ‘Hidcote’ and 2 x Salvia nemorosa ‘Ostfriesland’

Sunday 25 September 2016 14.00 – 17.00

Preparing for Brighton Photo Fringe

  • bpf-on-greenwaypainted walls
  • cut back overhanging shrubs
  • cleared New England embankment and steps
  • cleared litter

Sunday 11 September 1.00 – 16.00

Join us for an informal picnic 1-2pm … just bring food and drink to share, and something to sit on.

  • cleared litter
  • cut back overhanging shrubs and tidy vines
  • cleared New England embankment steps

Sunday 14 August 2016 12.00-15.00img_5912

  • cut back overhanging shrubs and tidy vines
  • cleared litter
  • cleaned/painted out graffiti where possible (Network Brown and metal Black)
  • swept New England embankment steps

img_5853Sunday 31 July 2016 11.00-13.00

  • planted irises, kniphofia, achillea and geranium – donation from Miranda’s Plants – around fossil bench near Stroudley Rd

Sunday 17th July 2016 12.00-15.00

  • cleared weeds and litter from around fossil bench
  • cleared litter
  • cut back overgrowth on shrubs on northern section
  • cleared New England embankment steps

action-day-19-6-16Sunday 19th June 2016 12.00-15.00

  • litter picking
  • weeded herb beds
  • cut back buddleia

Gway 15.5 planting

Sunday 15th May 2016 12.00-15.00

  • dug beds around fossil bench
  • planted Verbena bonariensis, rosemary, lavenders (English lavender, Lavendula ‘Munstead’ and ‘Hidcote), marjoram and thyme
  • watered perennial wildflower area
  • painted out graffiti with ‘Network Brown’

Sunday 17th April 2016 12.00-15.00Pillars without graffiti

  • painting over tagging with Network Brown paint
  • painting fossil benches
  • weeding north wildflower bed
  • collecting litter
  • preparing and seeding wildflower ‘strip’ (poppies and cornflower)

IMG_4828Sunday 13th March 2016 12.00-15.00

  • pruning of shrubs on west side of path
  • transplanting hawthorne from west side to east side
  • painting out tags
  • collecting litter

Sunday 21st February 2016 12.00 – 15.00

IMG_4794We seeded our north eastern wildflower beds, collected litter and cleared the path. See blog.

Sunday 10th January 2016 12.00 – 15.00

IMG_4441Mostly litter-picking and clearing up – very, very rainy! See blog.

Sunday 22nd November 2015 12.00 – 15.00

We cleared the flower ‘strip’, cut back vegetation and made the edges tidy around the fossil benches, cleaned tagging from ‘tools’, train and lamp-posts, picked up a lot of litter and cleared up wet leaves from the embankment steps.

Sunday 4th October 2015 12.00 – 15.00

IMG_3962We completed two projects: bulb planting towards Stroudley Road, and wildflower seeding in two 2x2m squares towards New England bridge. We planted corncockle seedlings along the east wall. We also did a general clear up and cut back the collapsed vines.

Friday 11th September 2015  16.00 – 18.00

We cleared rubbish and cut back the Rubus cockburnianus and buddleja overgrowing the path on the bridge. We cut back the Cornus and buddleja overgrowing the main path.

10th May 2015

We cleared rubbish and cut back the shrubs (buddleja and cornus) which were growing over the path.

12th April 2015

We cut back the prickly shrubs Madeleine and long loppers crparound the seating and cut back brambles, preserving a metre-wide wildlife corridor.

5th April 2015

We cut back the overgrowth Up on the Greenway 3 gdon the ornamental vines

8th February 2015

11th January 2015

We dug up nettles, cut back shrub overgrowth and cleared brambles

2nd November 2014

Our first session: we cut back the shrubs and brambles that had completely over-run the fence.


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