A break in the monsoon – our recent workday

It’s been raining a lot in Brighton – so much so that we’ve had to cancel several workdays. We need the rain after the long hot summer but Brighton Greenway is now looking rather sodden.

However, last Sunday 13th November, a few of us did manage a good three hours’ work in mild and sunny Autumn weather. The Greenway looked at its best with the ochres, golds and reds of the Glory Vine (Vitis coignetiae).

We cleared litter, cut back overgrowth on the path and cleared the dead plants from the vegetable raised beds. Chard, borage and nasturtium have been left to grow happily. We’ve also planted some Fava bean seeds to act as a green manure. When they (fingers crossed) come up in the spring, we’ll just dig them into the soil and they should rot down, fertilising the soil for the next round of vegetables. We also sowed a few yellow rattle seeds. These are great for doing the opposite to the beans – depleting nutrients in the soil so that the thugs (nettles, thistles and dock) don’t take over and swamp wild flowers growing underneath. We’ll see what happens …

We also managed to clean the graffiti from our orientation signs, though a lot remains on the pillars, lamp-posts and walls.

Our next workday is planned for SUNDAY 4th December 10am to 1pm weather permitting!

The cleared path – it’s still a bit waterlogged
The raised beds with an enthusiastic nasturtium
The strange things we find on our litter-pick
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